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Prepare Your Children For an International Move

Moving house before you have children is a totally different experience than moving with a family. There are many facets to the whole process you will need to consider. Your children are likely to worry about the same things involved in an international move as you would, especially about leaving their friends other family members. Children respond well to routine and depend on that to feel safe and secure. Therefore, young people tend to be more apprehensive of change than an adult because they have experienced less of it in life.

Luckily, finding the right moving company in China is just one of the things you can do to help make the entire moving process easier for your child or children. Allied Pickfords international movers offers some helpful resources, which you can look over before planning your move. As premier international removalists in China, the company employs moving experts, who will answer any questions you may have about your relocation from China.

Allied Pickfords offers its top tips to help you prepare your children for an international move.

  1. Keep Them Informed. Let them know as soon as possible about your decision to relocate to another country, so they become part of the planning process. Discuss your destination, show them where it is on a map and make it a fun family activity to go online to research information about your new home, like what type of food they can find to eat. Get them excited about new adventures and learning experiences. Respect their feelings by asking them what is important to them. What do they want to know about the move? They may ask about television programs in their adopted country or other favourite pastimes, such as sports, book clubs or social activities. If you are moving from China for work, ask for your employer’s advice to help your kids settle into their new environment more quickly.
  2. Let Children Be Part of the Planning. If they are old enough, ask your kids to be responsible for going through their own possessions and deciding which items may be stored, discarded and what they want to keep. Remind them that the more they hold onto, the more they have to pack themselves. If they’re artistic, you might encourage them to decorate their own boxes while they’re labelling them. Sorting through belongings is a great opportunity to sell or donate old baby toys or clothes they have outgrown and helps to start fresh in your new home. Make sure they have time to say goodbye to their friends and gain contact details so they can stay in touch.
  3. Activities and Education. If your children currently participate in sports or clubs, dancing or music lessons, make the effort to see what will be available in your new country. Also try to keep their minds occupied with activities they haven’t tried yet or that they may be interested in. The anticipation of trying something they’ve always wanted will help reduce the sorrow of leaving their teammates behind.
  4. Language. If possible, try to enroll the family in language classes so you can all learn a little to get by on and practise together. Children are very adaptable and may learn faster than you.
  5. Culture and Customs. If your kids go to school with children from different backgrounds – especially if you can find a student whose country of origin is where you are moving to – try to make contact socially and ask to discuss their experiences. This may help relieve the emotional burden of going into the unknown. Ask about their hometown’s local customs and cultural ideas. Check the internet for different festivals, holidays and traditions as a fun activity for the whole family.

This exciting move will forever enrich you and your children’s lives and give them an opportunity to experience and learn respect for a new culture. To help alleviate stress for the whole family, make sure your moving dates are booked by contacting Allied Pickford’s at or by phone on 800 988 6683.