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How To Plan Your Move Early – Talk to the Professionals

Are you getting ready to relocate to another country for a job promotion? Perhaps you’re keen to expand your knowledge by looking for work overseas. Whatever the reason for your international move, the choice to relocate can bring a lot of stress and worry. One way to reduce your anxiety is to discuss your concerns with a premium removalist in China, such as Allied Pickfords. All they need to know is the when and where and they will figure out the how. Experts in logistics, Allied Pickfords draws on more than 400 years of moving experience and is backed by cutting edge technology, which has helped the brand expand its presence into more than 40 countries.  While you’re busy concentrating on finding your new residence Allied will take care of transporting and delivering your possessions safely and on time. 

Once you have the moving aspect of your new adventure organised, the rest is easy. You can hire Allied Pickfords movers to pack your items whether they are large or small, bulky or delicate, valuable or sentimental, to reduce the risk of loss or damage in transit. Whether you are moving across town or around the world, you will receive the outstanding professional service that Allied Pickfords is known for. Whether you’re transporting pets or food products, the team at Allied has the expertise to help you with documentation and knowledge around restricted goods. If there is a situation you are concerned about, let Allied Pickford’s experienced consultants find a solution for you. 

Begin a moving checklist so you can plan and develop a schedule to ensure you complete specific tasks in the right timeframe with the least amount of worry. Talk to your removalist for tips on how to prepare for an international move from China. Once you have a plan in place, you will feel better about the entire process of moving. This allows you to stop for a moment to enjoy the excitement of your new adventure. To help reduce stress, your list should include such items as contacting your internet provider and utilities companies to let them know of your relocation. You don’t want to be paying bills you don’t have to.

If you have children, you’ll need to include them in the discussions about the moving process so they don’t feel alienated or concerned about the process. Make sure you answer all their questions about the move to help them ease into their new lives and ask them to get their friend’s contact details so they can stay in touch. You will need to think about international schools and you will need to contact your children’s school to tell them you’re moving. You may require some documentation about your children’s educational levels to take to their next school.

If you plan to take pets with you, speak to the experienced staff at Allied Pickfords to discuss the requirements for transporting animals safely and legally. Obtain packing materials, such as boxes, tape, bubble wrap and paper. A great way to avoid breakages for kitchen crockery is to wrap in paper then to use a plastic cling film to package all the plates together so they don’t rattle and move around in the box. Always label your boxes with either the room they’re used in or what is contained inside.

Contact your bank and look at how to transfer funds out of China. Does your bank have an outlet in your chosen country or do you need to find another financial institution? If you are moving for work your employer may have details about banking as they will need a way to pay you.

If you take regular medications, you’ll need to book an appointment with your doctor to obtain a supply that will last you until you find a new general practitioner in your new home.

Our staff have a wealth of helpful information to share with you to guide you to the services you will need in your new location, so Ask Our Experts. You’re in safe hands at Allied.

Take advantage of Allied Pickfords moving expertise. You can contact us today at or call our professional team at +86 800 988 6683.


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